“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”
- Herophilus

Did you know?

Lifestyle factors are the choices you make every day. They affect both your health and your physical appearance. They determine how much physical, nutritional, chemical, thermal, electromagnetic and emotional stress you are exposed to on a daily basis. All of these stressors hugely affect all the systems in your body: nervous (nerves), musculoskeletal (muscles, joints, tendons, etc.), visceral (organs), endocrine (hormones) and limbic (emotional).

The more stress all these systems are subjected to, the more imbalanced you become. This manifests itself with external and internal symptoms like: fatigue, malaise, weight gain, muscle atrophy, depression, accelerated aging and various degenerative diseases.

Every minute of each day YOU choose between being healthy or sick, tired or energetic, fit or fat, happy or depressed. YOU constantly make decisions to: eat healthy foods or junk, eat regularly or skip meals, drink water or sodas, be sedentary or active, sleep or stay up late, rest or stress.

Are you really paying attention to your body or masking the symptoms of poor lifestyle choices?

What if there was a well guided path you could take to feel better every day? Would you take it?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is such a path. It may not always be straight, and it may be long, but it is not as complicated as you might think. Are you ready to take the journey?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching provides a whole body approach to optimizing one’s health and well-being. It is a missing link to help clients achieve optimum vitality and energy levels.
Monika completed her Advanced Training in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching through highly respected C.H.E.K Institute that has been a world leader in the area of holistic approach to health through lifestyle counseling and corrective holistic exercise kinesiology.  She is also certified as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach through American Council on Exercise.

Clients learn how nutrition, digestion, exercise, sleep and stress are interrelated and how they affect their hormonal balance or lack thereof. They are shown effective techniques for attaining optimum health and preventing stress and disease through healthy eating habits, appropriate types and intensity of exercise and lifestyle management.

While most Western medicine doctors focus on disease or non-disease states, holistic lifestyle coaching focuses on bringing clients to optimal health and vitality by incorporating natural means. My approach focuses on finding what the real factors are that make clients feel sub-optimal and then addressing the problems by improving their nutrition, hydration, digestion, detoxification, breathing patterns, movement, exercise, sleep, and the ability to deal with stress. The results often exceed expectations. In addition to weight/fat loss and increased overall energy and well-being, many physical symptoms, that most of us often struggle with daily, can be eliminated. These include: insomnia, fatigue, muscle aches and pains, poor concentration, memory problems, frequent colds, headaches, digestive issues and skin problems.

Specific and highly detailed questionnaires and an in-depth interview assess clients’ Total Physiological Load – which systems in the body are the most stressed and why.

Clients are taught about the relationship between food and lifestyle habits as well as the importance of food quality, healthy sleep patterns, stress reduction techniques and exercise in making valuable and lasting lifestyle changes.

The coaching sessions are spread over several months as the process of change happens gradually and requires clients to be actively involved. Instead of being told what to do, through newly learned knowledge and self-discovery, clients are encouraged to find their own wisdom.

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